Toyouth Modes Rudens Raibs Hit Krāsu Garām Piedurknēm T-Krekli, Sieviešu Ikdienas Zaudēt Apaļu Kakla Pamata Topi Kokvilnas T-Veida Krekls


Tagi: grafikas tees, grafiskais tee sievietēm, raibs rīks, top, t sievietēm, ilgi musulmaņu krekls, tops sievietēm, gudrs krekls, kaklasaite, eam sievietēm, ving.

    €24.81 €37.59
  • Apģērba Garums: Regulāri
  • Apkakle: O-Veida Kakla
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Toyouth
  • Apdare: NAV
  • Sezona: Pavasara/Rudens
  • Piedurknes Stils: Regulāri
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Detaļas: cotton100%
  • Modeļa Numurs: Astoņus miljardus trīsdesmit miljoni viens simts vienpadsmit tūkstoši astoņi simti seši
  • Modelis Tips: Raibs
  • Vecums: Vecums 18-35 Gadi
  • Auduma Veids: Broadcloth
  • Stils: Ikdienas
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Materiāls: Kokvilnas
  • Piedurknes Garums(cm): Pilna
  • Topi Tips: T-veida
  • Vienuma Tips: topi

Le Thanhdat20002020-12-07
"Cotton, excellent quality, very satisfied with the purchase, on the volume of the chest 104 cm the size approached perfectly. But the delivery... Agreed to send in five, and in vain, the goods are issued at the cash register, you need to stand a queue from the nasty Alco visitors, stored goods in an inappropriate way, stored in a closet, poorly speaking Russian Central Asian cashier, very not neat, dig in the pile of orders for three hours, In general, everything corresponds to the level of this low-grade store on the street autumn 24. Anyway, never again."
Garcia Leopold2021-01-11
"I kept it. In Karzin, at a discount went 1200. On its own growth, 165 took the largest. Always take to the maximum., T. To the thing after washing sit down, this is expected from 100% cotton. Amazing brand, not only in design, good at Ali is enough, it is in quality, I will make and the cotton itself, dense, it is in this model without fleece, the underside of the loop. Thank you very much, I adore your models and quality! (I will add a photo later)"

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